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  Devil's Offspring [658769810936]

Devil's Offspring [658769810936]

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 October, 2009.
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Price: $19.95 $15.96
Item Description

Four student's staying at a school dormitory for the summer session, are having the time of their lives. But when Connie moves in, only a day after the cooks granddaughter is found dead, they start experiencing a series of strange incidents. The unusual occurrenes escalate until one of the students iskilled, and the three remaining students realize their lives are in imminent danger. As they struggle to find the killer and stay alive, they begin to suspect that Connie may be behind their friend's death. Speculation escalates into sheer terro when they realize that Connie is non other than the daughter of the devil himself. In the tradition of Scream and The Exorcist.


Starring: Michael Wong, Simon Liu, Pinky Cheung, Diana Pang

Running time: 84

Year: 2001

In Cantonese with English Subtitles

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