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  Eroica DVD [DV490]

Eroica DVD [DV490]

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 October, 2009.
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Price: $19.95
Item Description

A truly great film and one of the key works of postwar Polish cinema, this feature by Andrzej Munk is a fine example of the Polish myth of romantic heroism. The Warsaw Uprising is looked at through the eyes of a drunken black marketeer; in the second "movement," Polish prisoners in a German camp fanatically believe in the heroism of their comrade, which, in fact, is a farce. "Eroica," wrote Pauline Kael, "is a true black comedy and one of the few modern movies that has something relevant to say about the modern world." Polish with English subtitles.

Film dokonuje ironicznego rozrachunku z mitem bohaterszyzny funkcjonujacym w naszej kulturze od pokolen.




Cast: Edward Dziewonski, Kazimierz Opalinski, Leon Niemczyk. Andrzej Munk.
1957. Black & White. 80 mins.
In Polish with English Subtitles.

  Product Reviews
Richard Brzostek - 08/11/2006 5 of 5 Stars!
Andrzej Munk\'s films hold an important place in Polish cinema and are classics. Munk\'s Eroica is a story in two parts. Although the stories are very different they have a few things in common. The stories both take place during World War II and are about heroism. The first story is about a man who fights in the underground against the Germans. He is a reluctant hero; he doesn\'t want to do marching drills with the others and takes off for his home. There, he finds his unfaithful wife entertaining a Hungarian officer. The Hungarian offers him a cache of weapons for the underground but he must get official acceptance from the head of the resistance. He comes and goes from Warsaw (no easy task) with his craftiness, albeit complaining and cursing the whole way, which adds a lot of humor to the film. His wise-guy nature and bumbling in and out of a war zone are quite funny. A great example of this would be when a German soldier orders him to carry a bag for an older woman. Because the bag\'s contents are very heavy, he offers her money to leave behind some of the junk he is forced to carry. The second story has a much different feeling and was my favorite of the two. The story takes us to a prison camp inside Germany. The Polish prisoners have a new officer join their group and we see how he learns the ways of the camp, including some of their odd mannerisms. The support each other, they disagree with each other, and often talk of the guy who got out. The guy who escaped is their hero and gives them hope. The new officer quickly learns the secret of the getaway. Although Eroica is probably not of interest to everyone, if you enjoy old black and white war films or classics of Polish cinema, the two stories presented in \"Eroica\" may interest you. Both parts take on different issues -- from the dangerous war torn countryside to the safety of a prisoner of war camp, but both explore heroism.
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