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02Road to the West - Droga na Zachod DVD
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  Road to the West - Droga na Zachod DVD [DV679]

Road to the West - Droga na Zachod DVD [DV679]

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 October, 2009.
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Price: $24.95
Item Description

During the last days of WWII, an old railroad worker and his assistant guide a train loaded with explosives to the Western front. The journey is a perilous trek through rough terrain, occupied by ruthless German soldiers, desperate deserters, and dangerous gangs seeking easy money. Starring acclaimed actors Kazimierz Opalinski (Eroica) and Adam Paslikowski (Ashes and Diamonds), Road to the West is a taut period drama from director Bohdan Poreba, known for his historical epics based on Poland's past.


In Polish with English subtitles.


Director: Bohdan Poreba


Runtime: 79 min.



  Product Reviews
Richard Brzostek - 09/02/2008 5 of 5 Stars!
As World War II was coming to an end, Russian and Polish soldiers moved their way into German territory. Road to the West (Droga Na Zachod) is a story about a retired conductor and a young man that end up helping the Polish army bring weapons to the front. When the retired conductor hears the distress signal of a train he comes to the rescue. There, he finds the Polish military with a cargo of weapons and no one to drive the train. A mysterious young man volunteers to be his assistant and they begin their journey. The young man likes to keep to himself and wants a new life. He volunteers for the job more out of self-interest than personal generosity. To some degree he represents the younger generation: immature, rash and lacking experience. The young man talks back to the old conductor and has a lot to learn. The old conductor is nearly an opposite of the young man. The conductor is wise, self-sacrificing, and heroic. It is hard not to like the old guy because he is good-natured. Intentionally or not, he teaches the young man a lesson in respect and courage. Although the young man talks about leaving the conductor behind at just about every stop they make, he always comes back to help him. Road to the West is a memorable story about a young man and an old conductor. The tension builds with expectation as they make their dangerous trip. The movie also has a bit of romance, albeit brief, as the young man tries to find love. Road to the West is a great movie about the younger generation learning from the older.
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